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Sadhguru is a realised master, a profound mystic, and an enlightened yogi. He is the founder of Isha Hatha School of Yoga and Isha Foundation; a non-profit, volunteer-run organization. Associated with no religion, Sadhguru presents yoga as a contemporary science that is significantly relevant to our times. His fundamental vision is to offer the science of inner well-being to every human being. 


He is a spiritual leader and author of many books including The New York Times bestseller, Inner Engineering- A Yogi’s guide to joy. He regularly holds speeches at some of the world’s most prominent international leadership forums such as World Economic Forum or the United Nations.


Isha Foundation has two centres, their headquarters which is based at Isha Yoga Center near the Velliangiri Mountains in southern India, and the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences in Tennessee, USA. The organization is engaged tirelessly in numerous social and community projects and offers a variety of yoga and meditation programmes. 

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