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Whatever happens, the question is, are you becoming a better human being - more stable, more joyful, more clear within yourself?​​



My name is Petra Thomas and I am the founder of Yogadwara. My journey of Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher began with a "life misfortune". I lived the so-called "perfect life". You know, a developing career, long-term relationship, nice apartment, and great holidays. Then I started to be tired, not just physically but also mentally. I felt burnt out and depressed. I was deeply unhappy, but I did not understand why...


Life has its own ways of making you realize, even if you keep being ignorant. It pushed me. Down. Deep down. When I hit rock bottom I finally opened my eyes. A logical mind can be transformed only through one thing – experience. So, I left my perfect life and I went to India to study yoga.


When I started the 6-month long Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Isha Ashram, I truly had no idea that my life would change forever. My physical and mental health improved dramatically as well as my disposition towards people, situations, and life itself. After training, I stayed in Ashram for a few more months as a volunteer. Then I travelled through the country and fell in love with India. 


Hatha Yoga is not a body-bending business. It is an ancient science for inner transformation. It enables you to touch life on a different level. I did not read that in books or watched on YouTube. I know it because I am walking the Hatha path. I know it from my own experience. 

Facts about Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher Training:


  • 21 weeks of intensive training with no day off at Isha Yoga Center in Southern India.

  • Total of 1.750 classroom hours. Daily start at 5.30am & finish at 9.30pm.

  • Thorough assessments & examinations, final strict certification.

  • Except for the science of Hatha Yoga, the training also includes exposure to Anatomy and Physiology, Yogic Physiology, Science of Siddha Medicine, Yogic Diet and Yogic Principles & Lifestyle.

  • Designed by Sadhguru, the Hatha Yoga learning modules cover dimensions of Hatha Yoga that are not currently being taught anywhere else.

  • Isha Hatha School of Yoga was founded by Sadhguru in 2012. It also organizes annual teachers upgrades in Europe, USA & India.

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